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About ET.AI Swap

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world meme experience?

Get ready for an exciting adventure with E.T AI Swap, a project inspired by the beloved movie E.T. This innovative meme project offers entertainment and comes with high APR and API, plus benefits for holders.

E.T AI Swap introduces a token ecosystem that adds value to its community. Through each transaction, the token is burned, making it rarer over time. This burning mechanism maintains scarcity and creates a deflationary effect, potentially increasing its value for holders.

But there’s more! E.T AI Swap rewards its dedicated holders with USDT, providing extra income. Additionally, 50% of DEX profits will be shared among token holders, with the distribution based on the number of tokens held – the more tokens, the bigger the share of profits.

ET.AI Swap & Exchange

Revolutionizing Decentralized Exchanges with AI and DeFi

E.T AI Swap is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) that uses AI and DeFi to address common DEX challenges. Its advanced machine learning algorithms improve liquidity and trading strategies, making it appealing to investors looking for passive income and financial stability. The ETAI token is crucial in ensuring secure transactions and rewarding network participants. Joining the E.T AI Swap community offers an exciting journey with unique DeFi opportunities.

ET.AI Swap Economy

E.T AI Swap is a game-changing decentralized exchange. We use AI to enhance the DEX experience for users, and the ETAI token is at the heart of our thriving ecosystem with unique fees and incentives.

Name: E.T AI Swap
Symbol: ETAI
Supply: 42 Trillions
Fee: 8%

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Token Distribution

  1. Initial Coin Offering (ICO):

– Allocation: 2% of total supply

– Distribution: Divided into 3 rounds


  1. Pre-Sale on PinkSale:

– Allocation: 0,5% of total supply


  1. Bonus Payments:

– Allocation: 0,5% of total supply

– Purpose: To incentivize sales


  1. Burn:

– Allocation: 97% of total supply

– Purpose: Tokens will be burned manually


Token Fees is 8%

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$USDT Rewards 💎
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Marketing 🎯
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Burn 🔥
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Liquidity 💲

In E.T AI Swap, we use various transaction fees to benefit the ecosystem. There's a 3% fee for the Reflection mechanism, which rewards ETAI holders and provides passive income. Additionally, a 2% fee supports Marketing efforts to grow the community. A 2% fee is used for the Burn mechanism, reducing the token supply and potentially increasing its value. Also, a 1% fee maintains Liquidity for stable markets. These fee strategies make E.T AI Swap an engaging and rewarding platform.

ET.AI Roadmap

  • Conduct research and analysis of existing swap platforms and blockchain tech.
  • Define project goals and scope.
  • Assemble a skilled team of blockchain and AI experts.
  • Design a robust blockchain architecture.
  • Develop core swap platform features and smart contracts.
Q3 2023
Q4 2023
Swap Platform Development
  • Design a user-friendly interface.
  • Build a secure and fast swap engine.
  • Integrate liquidity services.
  • Conduct testing and security audits.
  • Beta test the platform and gather feedback.
  • Address issues and make necessary enhancements.
Expanded Functionality
  • Develop farm and stake features for liquidity provision and rewards.
  • Implement a launchpad for token sales and IEOs.
  • Create a user-friendly NFT creation platform.
  • Integrate an NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and trading.
  • Incorporate AI algorithms to optimize trading strategies.
Q1 2024
Q2 2024
Optimization and Scaling
  • Optimize platform performance and user experience.
  • Implement solutions for scalability.
  • Engage with the community and gather feedback.
  • Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Regularly update the platform based on user feedback.
Launch and Growth
  • Officially launch the E.T AI Swap platform.
  • Execute a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Provide ongoing community support.
  • Attract new users and focus on user retention.
  • Continuously innovate and add new features.
Q3 2024 and Beoynd
Knowledge base
Still have questions?

Explanation of E.T AI Swap as a revolutionary DEX powered by AI and DeFi technologies, highlighting its unique features and advantages.

Description of the ETAI token’s role in the ecosystem, including its scarcity and value as an attractive investment opportunity for passive income and long-term stability.

Explanation of the 3% fee applied to transactions, with a portion redistributed to ETAI holders, providing them with passive income through the Reflection mechanism.

Details on the 2% fee allocated to Marketing efforts, focusing on how it actively promotes the platform, attracts new users, and fosters a vibrant community.

Insight into the 2% fee used to buy and burn ETAI tokens, gradually reducing the total supply over time, enhancing scarcity, and potentially increasing token value.

Clarification of the 1% fee dedicated to adding liquidity to the pool, ensuring stable and liquid markets, and improving the trading experience for users.

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